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In situ stress distribution and mechanical stratigraphy in

We present regional iin situ/i stress analyses based on publicly available log and pressure data from coal seam gas developments in the Permian Bowen basin Australia Together with earlier data from the eastern part of the Jurassic Surat basin our results show a broad but systematic rotation of iS/isubHmax/sub azimuths in this part of eastern Australia as well as systematic

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Outline Of the Bowen and Surat Basin oreos the main focus Of the regional study and provisional boundaries for proposed module oreos draped over Geoscience Australia regional total magnetic intensity image sensed data Landsat ASTER as well as geology map and borehole data All data are integrated into a single geographical information

Geology in the Surat Cumulative Management Area

The Bowen Basin is the deepest reaching more than 9 kilometres below the surface at centre and runs northsouth The Surat Basin sits on top of the Bowen Basin The different geological formations that comprise the Surat Basin are shown in different colours here from bottom to top and are listed in the legend to the left

Geology of principal Australia coals and coal basins a

articleosti6576949 title Geology of principal Australia coals and coal basins a review author Cross A T abstractNote Bituminous or subbituminous coals are known from nearly all parts of Australia Those of greatest economic importance today are found in the Permian and Triassic Bowen and Galilee basins of Queensland and the SydneyBowen basin of New South Wales with some

Influence of basement structures on in situ stresses over

2003 Additionally a similar compilation of borehole in situ stress data has been conducted in the ClarenceMoreton Basin in northeastern New South Wales Figure 1 by Rajabi et al 2015 The study area for this project lies in between the Northern Bowen Basin and the Sydney Basin and to the west of the BROOKEBARNETT ET AL

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The main mineral resource of the Bowen Basin is black coal which has been formed at many stratigraphic levels in Permian Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks Most production has come from the Upper Permian Blackwater Group Coal has also been produced from the Jurassic Injune Group and the Cretaceous Styx Coal Measures

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The Organising Committee is structuring the 2020 Bowen Basin Symposium a little differently to past events where the typical presentation after presentation by paper authors is being reinvigorated and sometimes replaced with more interactive discussions on themes relevant to

Thermal maturation pattern in the southern Bowen northern

Aug 01 2002Comprehensive maximum vitrinite telocollinite reflectance data have been obtained for more than 260 polished sections from 28 petroleum exploration wells in the southern Bowen and northern Gunnedah Basins and the overlying Surat Basin in an area from north of Boggabri to the New South WalesQueensland border


Regional scale gravity modelling is an effective and fast way to gain geological understanding of large scale structures like the Bowen Basin Detailed deep 3D geological knowledge has become an important component of many types of exploration and resource modelling Current interest in the Bowen Basin for geothermal exploration highlights the need for a complete basin scale model which is


More than 6 000 boreholes were compiled to develop a consistent regional scale stratigraphic framework for the Permian Rangal Baralaba and Bandana coal measures CMs within the Bowen Basin Coal beds and tuff horizons were used as stratigraphic markers supported by chemostratigraphy and age dating Results corroborate the general subdivisions of these different coal measures relative to

Structure and tectonics of the Gunnedah Basin N S W

as a basin centred roughly at Bohena some 30 km southwest of Narrabri It was not until 1973 when Bembric 1973k et subdivide al d the New South Wales portion of the Sydney Bowen Basin into two lower category basins that the Gunnedah Basin finally acquired its own structural identity distinct from the Sydney and Bowen Basins figure 1 5

Sedimentary basins

Over 60 of New South Wales is covered by sedimentary basins In the east is the coalrich PermianTriassic SydneyGunnedahBowen Basin system It is overlain by the gasprospective JurassicCretaceous Great Australian Basin comprising the ClarenceMoreton Basin Surat Basin and Eromanga Basin

Permian Evolution of Sandstone Composition in a Complex

The Bowen Basin is a PermoTriassic backarc extensional to foreland basin that developed landward of an intermittently active continental volcanic arc associated with the eastern Australian convergent plate margin The basin has a complex polyphase tectonic history that began with limited backarc crustal extension daring the Early Permian

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3 1 Geology The Flat Top Formation in the eastern Bowen Basin is predominately composed of siltstones and shales with minor sandstone lenses Green et al 1997 There are three main sandstone units present within the formation one within the upper Flat Top Formation and two within the lower

Queensland geology series

Full description Regional geology 1974 Torres Strait Detailed structure Queensland Coal Seam Gas Units 2017 Northern Surat and Clarence Moreton Basins Geological framework Queensland Field sites Queensland Regional geology 1978 Moreton Region Detailed surface geology Queensland Regional geology 1974 Surat Basin Regional geology 1976 Northwestern Eromanga Basin


A NEW PALAEOGEOGRAPHIC SYNTHESIS OF THE BOWEN BASIN OF CENTRAL QUEENSLAND Christopher R Fielding1 Renate Sliwa2 Rodney J Holcombe1 and Jochen Kassan3 1 Department of Earth Sciences The University of Queensland Qld 4072 Australia 2 CSIRO Division of Exploration Mining PO Box 883 Kenmore Qld 4069 Australia 3 Whistler Research Pty Ltd 3436 Whistler

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Petrography and clay mineralogy of

Jun 01 2000The sandstones of the Early Triassic nonmarine Rewan Group in the southern Bowen Basin represent a potential reservoir for hydrocarbons They are mainly lithic in nature with a large proportion of volcanic rock fragments and contain quartz grains of variable size and an authigenic clay matrix The results of petrographic analysis show a dual provenance basinfill pattern

The Paleozoic Mount Carlton Deposit Bowen Basin

of the mineralization in the northern Bowen Basin Paine et al 1974 I Corral unpub data 2018 The backarc rifting stage was followed by a period of thermal relaxation and subsidence in the Middle Permian which led to flooding of the Bowen Basin and deposition of marine and coastal plain

Northern Bowen Basin IBRA subregion facts and maps

Northern Bowen Basin IBRA subregion Access wetland mapping in PDF and KML format by selecting the desired 100K map tile below or download the data via the Queensland Government Information Service The below map is for visual representation purposes only

Permian evolution of sandstone composition in a complex

The Bowen Basin is a PermoTriassic backarc extensional to foreland basin that developed landward of an intermittently active continental volcanic arc associated with the eastern Australian convergent plate margin The basin has a complex polyphase tectonic history that began with limited backarc crustal extension during the Early Permian

Bowen Basin north of 26S Queensland cartographic

Bowen Basin north of 26S Queensland MLA Citation Australian Geological Survey Organisation and Onshore Sedimentary Petroleum Geology Program and National Geoscience Mapping Accord Australia Bowen Basin north of 26S Queensland cartographic material 1994 Australian/Harvard Citation Australian Geological Survey Organisation

Geological structural controls on stability of footwall

Permianaged Baralaba Coal Measures of the Bowen Basin Queensland are prospective for coal with extraction by openpit methods Geological structural controls on stability of footwall slopes an example from the Bowen Basin Queensland D Pope London Engineering Geology Special Publications 27 101110 21 September 2016 https

Fine Description and Development Strategy of Fort Cooper

Based on the analysis of coring logging and experimental data fine evaluation on Fort Copper Coal Measures FCCM of Early Permian Blackwater Group in north Bowen Basin of Australia has been done FCCM is a potential coal measure Eight coal seams exist in FCCM Laterally they develop steadily Seams of FCCM characterize interbedding with partings high ash content high gas content and

Location and geology of the Surat CMA

Gas is produced from the Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin and from the Bandanna Formation and Cattle Creek Formation of the southern Bowen Basin These coalbearing formations consist of many thin coal seams separated by lowpermeability rock

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Background review aquifer connectivity within the Great

Background review aquifer connectivity within the Great Artesian Basin and Surat Bowen and Galilee Basins Summary This background review describes the range of scientific methods that have been developed to measure and model connectivity in


By the time I arrived in the mid1970s geology was still a lonely profession up here You could count on the fingers of one hand the number of coal geos actually living in the Bowen Basin In those days there were only two big players both borneagain construction companies ie Utah Development Company and Thiess Bros Pty Ltd


InSitu Stress and Fracture Controls on Permeability Distribution within Walloon Subgroup Surat Basin Permeability data from 13 wells are compared using the insitu stress and fracture data from image log interpretation Enever J 1990 Insitu stress measurements in the Bowen Basin and their implications for coal mining and methane

North Bowen Basin gravity survey Queensland 1963

North Bowen Basin gravity survey Queensland 1963 BY F DARBY Published by Bureau of Mineral Resources Geology and Geophysics Canberra and issued under the Authority of the Hon David Fairbairn Minister for National Development 1969 15852/69L

Unconventional Resource Potential of the Taroom Trough

Unconventional Resource Potential of the Taroom Trough in the Southern SuratBowen Basin Queensland Australia Peter Nicholls1 Rodney Bresnehan1 Brad Hayes2 Kathleen Dorey2 and William McDougall3 Search and Discovery Article 10804 2015

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Brenda B Bowen Associate Professor Geology Geophysics University of Utah Director Global Change and Sustainability Center Research Fluidsediment interactions surface processes diagenesis fluid flow basin evolution structural diagenesis remote sensing environmental change sustainability Current graduate students