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Magnetic Cereal

Magnets Reveal Hidden Cereal Ingredient Many cereals are fortified with added iron one of many necessary vitamins and minerals. These items are added to the mix when the cereal is are made so it is a bit like taking your vitamin with the cereal. Since iron is attracted to magnets finding it can be an instructive science experiment.

Total Cereal

Get out the magnets Total Cereal is the Breakfast of Champions. It also supplies us with 100 of our daily requirement of iron. But how do they get the iron in there Is it part of the ingredients Is it a vitamin/nutrient type powder Its neither In fact it is exactly what they claim it is iron. They grind up iron and add it to your food.

We used a magnet to take the iron out of Total cereal

Jul 14 2012 We used a magnet to take the iron out of Total cereal. Jul 14 2012 We used a magnet to take the iron out of Total cereal. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users explore by 5

See Iron in Food MagLab

6/30/2020 0183 32Cereal or other food with iron Total Cereal or Gerber Graduates Arrowroot Cookies work great A Ziploc bag A little water A plastic seethrough cup A magnet What youll do: Pour some of the food into a Ziploc bag. Seal the bag with as little air in it as possible then mash the food until you make a powder. Fill the bag with some water and mix.

Science Experiment: Extract the Iron from Breakfast Cereal

Cereal with added iron such as Total A strong magnet We used our neodymium magnets that we used for our magnetic slime but it it not necessary to use this strong of a magnet. I have done this experiment with groups of school kids using some rectangular magnets that I purchased at a local teachers supply store.2

Magnetic Cereal: Extract Iron from Cereal Theres Just

7/19/2018 0183 32Float 23 pieces of Total cereal on the water. Now is the perfect time to ask your kids what types of things are attracted to magnets. Metal Ready to wow them Place your magnet close to one of the pieces of cereal and watch what happens. The cereal will move across the water towards the magnet Explain that the breakfast cereal is fortified with iron.

Get the Iron outof Your Breakfast Cereal Scientific

5/20/2011 0183 32But when you crush the cereal down it helps to free up the iron particles so they can be picked up by the magnet dissolving the other parts of the cereal frees up the iron even more .

What Cereals are High in Iron for Breakfast 2021

11/22/2019 0183 32Wheat Flakes. This is another breakfast cereal that a lot of family homes love but it is also another breakfast cereal high in iron. According to research a onecup serving of wheat flakes can have as much as 8.1 mg of iron in it which makes up around 102 of your daily recommended iron allowance. Even higher than cornflakes.6

Magnetic Breakfast Cereal with Science Bob YouTube

1:3012/8/2008 0183 32Total cereal has iron in it. Science bob proves that with a powerful magnet. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy and Safety How YouTube works Test new ScienceBob