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Often overlooked were the Civil War artillery units For example according to Dyer 1908 and The Union Army 1908 the highest combat related casualties sustained by any New York unit during the four year conflict was the 8th New York Heavy Artillery the Civil War artillery unit suffered 19 officers and 342 enlisted men 361 total in killed and mortally wounded 100 more than the famed

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Round shot

Round shot is used in historical recreations and historical replica weapons In the 1860s some round shots were equipped with winglets to benefit from the rifling of cannons Such round shot would benefit from gyroscopic stability thereby improving their trajectory until the advent of the ogival shell

How to Use Chinese Stress Balls

Chinese stress balls have a history dating back as far as the Han Dynasty between 206 B C and 230 A D when people used walnuts to exercise their hands Since then the balls have been manufactured with various types of metals first iron and later stainless steel chrome or brass You can use the balls

Prehistoric Stone Balls

We were allotted the comfortable house of a vacationing employee and were soon looking for the stone balls We didnt have far to go Next door was the house of the company manager and beyond it a public park In the exact center of the park was a perfectly rounded sphere about three feet in diameter

Civil War Weapons and Technology

Cannons were used by both sides during the war Cannons were best at destroying enemy fortifications They could fire either a large solid cannon ball or a bunch of smaller iron balls Some cannon could knock down a wall or other fortification from up to 1000 yards away

The History of Stress Balls

At the time iron production was double that of England and the Songs had material to use for extraneous purposes It wasnt until the Ming Dynasty came to power in 1368 AD however when stress balls reached their full potential In the city of Baoding the aptly named Baoding balls were massproduced and made of iron jade or solid stone

Civil War Artillery Weapons Battles Cannon Union Confederate

Civil War artillery units with most killed in single battle Right Fox William F Regimental Losses in the American Civil War 1889 They could hurl a 12pound iron ball nearly a mile and were deadly at short ranges particularly when firing canister Other bronze

Iron Balls Torture

Iron Balls Torture This type of torture most commonly used in France consisted of the person being hung from the ceiling by the wrists with a large heavy iron ball tied to each foot This type of torture was commonly used at Avignon The more horrific version of this torture used in Italy and for more terrible crimes was called the Veglia

Iron Balls Gin

In terms of cocktails Iron Balls is well met in a GT but would make for a somewhat tropical Martini and would do well in a French 75 Whatever choice you make for how to serve it when you taste Iron Balls Gin its important to remember the context of where and how it is made

US Slave Iron Chains and Collars on Slaves

If any person or persons c shall cut or break any iron collar which any master of slaves shall have used in order to prevent the running away or escape of any such slave or slaves such persons so offending shall on conviction be fined not less than two hundred dollars nor exceeding one thousand dollars and suffer imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years nor less than six

Musket ball

Musket balls are the types of projectiles that are fired from muskets Before they were loaded down the muzzle they were usually wrapped in paper or cloth to keep excess gas behind the barrel They were usually made of lead Musket balls were made by pouring molten lead into a musket ball mould and trimming off surplus lead once it had cooled At times stone musket balls were used The lead

Field artillery in the American Civil War

Field artillery in the American Civil War were cannon that could be moved around the battlefield or could travel with an army unit When canister balls were scarce nails scrap iron or other materials were used Canister was a short range weapon usually effective at up to 250 yards 230 m

Railroad Marbles

The marbles used in this way could theoretically be easily screened out when a hopper car was emptied Others say that marbles were used to clean hopper or tanker cars as powdered substances would have a tendency to compact on the bottom and clump or stick to the walls and crevices in the cars

Renaissance and Medieval Cannon and Artillery

Spent iron balls were dutifully collected by the enemy melted down and recast for their own cannonballs Incendiary iron cannon balls or stones were created by coating them in tar and the flash from the gunpowder explosion would ignite the balls creating a flaming projectile that would set fire to wooden buildings

Medieval Cannon

1342 Florentine inventory lists canon to fire iron balls the size of apples 1342 Spanish Muslims used cannon which fired metal balls against Castilian army at Siege of Algeciras Earl of Derby and Salisbury were present at the siege 1343 Spanish muslims used gunpowder against Alfonso XI of Castile

Cannon Projectiles of the American Revolutionary War

Mar 15 2015Grape shot was used when a longer range was needed Similar to canister and case in its destructive affect on infantry a canvas or leather bag contained the lead or iron balls which were half in size as musket balls instead of the thin metal covering

Iron Steel

CAST IRON WROUGHT IRON and STEEL There were three types of ferrous metal in use in the Colonial period cast iron high in carbon and brittle but excellent for making items like frying pans Dutch ovens cannon balls and the cheaper grades of cannon wrought iron low in carbon and very tough so excellent for anchor chains nails and musket

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prised a hollow shell filled with about 75 iron balls and a bursting charge It was used against infantry at long range over 400 yards and most effective when set to explode about 15 feet overhead Canister Canister was a thin metal can con taining iron or lead balls in sawdust In a Napoleon 2527 one inch balls were used When fired the can

How to Use a 7 Iron

May 30 2008The 7iron also can be used instead of the 8 or 9iron for longer bumpandrun shots on hard dry courses with few hazards Addressing the Ball When you set up for the 7iron shot your hands should be ahead of the ball with the shaft leaning forward upon address

Shot Put Balls

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China Weaponry of Iron Age Cannon Armour Shield Warships

Mar 27 2019Weaponry of Iron Age Iron Armour Although in the Western Zhou Dynasty 11th century BC771BC weapons made of the nature siderite had been manufactured which are the known earliest example of iron work in the world Spears evolved into lances and were used exclusively by cavalry offering a high power of penetration

Artillery of the Revolutionary War

Artillery of the Revolutionary War Swivel Gun and grape a canvas bag containing lead or iron balls 3D rendering of a iron 4pounder on a field carriage Typically calibers such as 4pounders were used as an antipersonnel weapon and installed on a field carriage to maximize mobility Depending on the service charge they had a range

Civil War Artillery Was a Powerful Force During Battle

Civil War Artillery Projectiles There are four types of Civil War cannon projectiles that were used during the war Solid Round Shot This is a solid iron ball attached with metal bands to a wooden sabot The powder bag is attached to the wooden sabot Explosive Shell This is a hollow iron ball filled with black powder This projectile

History of Golf Clubs

As early as 1750 some clubmakers used forged metal heads for niblicks wedges A metal headed club may have just been saved for getting the ball out of the rough or from cart tracks The early iron clubs made by blacksmiths until about the 1870s were quite crudely made making them heavy to wield and difficult to control

List of cannon projectiles

Round shot or solid shot or a cannonball or simply ball A solid spherical projectile made in early times from dressed stone but by the 17th century from iron The most accurate projectile that could be fired by a smoothbore cannon used to batter the wooden hulls of opposing ships forts or fixed emplacements and as a longrange antipersonnel weapon

How Do Cannon Balls Explode

Exploding cannonballs were hollow iron balls filled with gunpowder fit with a fuse and lit before they were placed in a cannon and shot toward the enemy target While often seen in movies the exploding variety was less common than solid round shot made of stone or cast iron due to difficulty in timing the explosion and impact according to

Cannon ball

Jul 23 2014If I were to guess seeing you are in MN it is probably an iron ball for processing mining ore These were used in rod and ball mills where you took your high graded iron ore dumped it in a rotating drum with rods and balls and then rotated it so the natural weight of the ore would crush it down fine enough that the balls and rods can then finish the job up

New Handcuffs Leg Irons Shackles

New Handcuffs Leg Irons Shackles The most important feature of a chain is the connecting link This is the link which joins the cuff ball leg iron or shackle to the chain Fig 9 Original connectors between original chains and cuffs and chains and balls were forge welded In other words the links were heated to red hot then

Field Artillery in the Civil War

Shell were hollow projectiles filled with gunpowder and exploded by a fuse Case shot was a hollow projectile with thinner walls than the common shell having a bursting charge and filled with smaller balls the Union usually used lead balls the south iron in a pinch minie balls were used

National Museum of Health and Medicine NMHM Effects of

Of approximately 600 men who made the charge 256 were killed wounded or missing From the size of the wound and the remains of the projectile itself it can be determined what type of munition hit this man an iron canister ball from one of two field howitzers known to have been used

Correct Golf Ball Position for Driver Irons Wedges

In part 4 of this Perfect Golf Setup Guide well look at the correct golf ball position for each club Weve already covered the correct distance to the golf ball and a quick test that you can use to make sure youre not setting up too close or too far away If you havent seen that yet check out part 3 of this mini series The video below looks at the ideal golf ball position

Minie Ball Bullet

Minie Ball Bullet How did the rifled weapons improve The Minie Ball was a conicalcylindrical bullet that was crudely crafted out of an iron plug and soft lead The bullet was a french invention and weighed 1 oz at 1/2 and inch circumference The Minie ball was designed to be shot out of